You’ll find the top-of-mind topics, announcements, and things that inspire or fuel my interests here. I will also pay special attention to important things that aren’t being widely discussed yet that may be an indicator for market developments or product/service category emergence.

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About me: My name is Dilan Shah, I’m currently a virtual and augmented reality (XR) creator and evangelist with broad interests––some of which are health, learning, and computer science. I currently live in Orange County, CA where I serve as CEO at YUR, a company I co-founded backed by Boost VC and the Venture Reality Fund. I also advise XR product development in a variety of use cases gaming and non-gaming.

I earned a B.S. in Business Administration at USC’s Marshall School of Business with a minor in Computer Science.

Follow me: linkedin, facebook, twitter, instagram, & discord – Dilan#0931

Previous Projects/Hackathons:

Conferences Previously Attended or Spoke At:

  • SADA / Google Cloud Impact 2022
  • Decentralized AI Summit 2018
  • OC4
  • VRLA Spring 2017
  • VRDC 2017
  • VRX SF 2016
  • VRX London 2016
  • Vivatech Paris 2016
  • GVRC Shanghai 2016
  • Digital Hollywood 2016
  • CES 2016


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